iGo Manual Mini Crystal Clear Kit

iGo Manual Mini Crystal Clear Kit
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The iGo Manual Crystal Clear Kit is fully compatible with KR808 products. It features a mini-sized battery and accessories that allow you to interchange between ohms whenever you want!

The iGo battery has a 5-click on/off safety feature and a rubber texture finish.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 iGo 400mah battery
  • 1 iGo Crystal Vision cartomizer
  • 3 replacement coils (1.8, 2.4 and 2.8 Ω)
  • 1 round mouthpiece
  • 1 whistle tip mouthpiece
  • 1 iGo lanyard
  • 1 iGo USB charger

This product will work with V4L, Cig2o, VaporNine, Vapor Kings, Cig Easy, Bloog, Greensmoke, Smokeless Image, V2Cigs, MyVaporStore, SavEcig, SmokTek and most other KR808D-1 models. 

Original Price: $29 One Kit

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