KR808-DM1 Kit

KR808-DM1 Kit
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This kit features pre-filled cartomizers and longer battery life. Looks great and works fantastic!

The N200 line is compatible with N100, N300 and KR808 Models with a stylish matching larger capacity (2mL) Horizontal coil Cartomizer. You will be shocked with the flavor and vapor of this new Big Battery E-cig.

Original Price: $60 each

Kit includes:

  • 2 480mAh batteries
  • 4 Pre-filled Cartomizers (555 Tobacco)
  • 1 Wall/USB charger

The KR808-DM1 batteries have the innovative Click Switch Technology and Smart Charge indicator to let you know the degree of remaining charge left on your battery. 

Click the button three times and your battery is off and safe for your pocket or purse. Click three more times and your back to vaping! These will work with all KR808, iGo, EGO, Echo cartomizers and accessories. 

Currently available in 4 colors: Black, Blue, Red, and White. A great textured paint look. Also available with pre-filled 555 cartomizers.

This product will work with V4L, Cig2o, VaporNine, Vapor Kings, Cig Easy, Bloog, Greensmoke, Smokeless Image, V2Cigs, MyVaporStore, SavEcig, SmokTek and most other KR808D-1 models. 

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Price $60.00
5 or more $14.00 each
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