EGO VariVolt 900mAh Battery

EGO VariVolt 900mAh Battery
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This EGO VariVolt 3 stage battery has a soft rubberized-feel black finish and a solid tactile metal button. This first-of-its-kind VariVolt battery has a power indicator LCD bar. 

This battery ships in a default mode of low voltage (3.2v) indicated with a red LED ring. With five quick clicks, pressed within 2 seconds, it changes to a purple LED ring which indicates medium volage (3.7v). Another quick 5 clicks of the button and you are at (4.2v) indicated by a blue LED ring.

LED ring colors indicate:

  • Red = 3.2v
  • Purple/Pink = 3.7v
  • Blue = 4.2v

This battery is compatible with any standard EGO charger. The lithium ion battery has a chip in it which will protect your battery from overcharging. Once the light turns green and you are fully charged, no more current is supplied to the charging battery, protecting it from an overcharge.

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